Designed for secondary school students with certain coding experience, this Maqueen Plus Advanced Tutorial contains 7 projects and 19 tasks. Clear and complete structures are arranged in every task such as, hardware function, material list, connection, knowledge field, project practice, etc., which can be directly used for classroom teaching.  <br /> In the course, we combine HUSKYLENS with Maqueen Plus and Maqueen Mechanic Kit. Each task is independent but interconnected in the content. For example, in the project Vehicle Sharing there are three tasks: Unlock Maqueen Plus with Face, Pricing, and Set A Flag Bit to Realize Charging Reset. Each task realizes a function separately and the main project can be done when completing the functions of three tasks. <br /> Meanwhile, we choose Mind+ graphical programming, which allows students to implement complex projects through simple graphical programming languages.<br /> <div> <br /> </div>