Get Known to Hardware | Maqueen Plus Advanced Tutorial Lesson 1

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Maqueen Plus


Maqueen Plus is a smart programmable educational robot. It supports Mind+ and Makecode programming platforms, on which we can program Maqueen Plus to realize awesome functions by simply dragging and snapping the graphical blocks. Follow Maqueen Plus to enter the world of robotic, and while learn something about coding in playing!



The Maqueen Plus is equipped with a variety of sensors, including line tracking sensor, infrared receiving sensor, encoder, metal motor, buzzer, and RGB lights, as well as multiple expansion ports for supporting more electronic modules.






HUSKYLENS is a “WYSIWYG” AI vision sensor. It is called as husky image recognition in the maker circle. The sensor can directly display the result recognized by the camera.



HUSKYLENS is an easy-to-use AI machine vision sensor. Integrated with new AI chip and built-in machine learning technology. it is able to realize the functions of face recognition, object recognition, object tracking, color recognition, line tracking, QR code recognition, etc. The on-board UART/I2C port can be seamlessly connected with mainstream controllers, such as Arduino, micro:bit, LattePanda, Raspberry Pi, which are widely applied in AI education, STEAM education and maker field.


The HUSKYLENS comes with a 2.0” IPS display, so you don’t need the help of a computer when setting the parameters. The progress and result will be displayed on the screen directly. What you see is what you get, convenient to use.


Basic Operations

With only two buttons, HUSKYLENS can achieve all the operations: function buttons to switch six algorithms, learning button to achieve AI training and learn new things. Here are the basic operations of these two buttons:


Function button: dial to the left/right or press;

Learning button: short press or long press;

Dial the function button to the left/right to switch between the 6 functions;

Short press the “learning button” to learn a certain object. The ID of the learned object will be displayed on the screen.

Long press the “learning button” to learn a certain object from different angles and distances.

If the object has been studied before, then press the "learning button" to tell HUSKLENS to forget what it has learned under the current function.

Check the Firmware

The firmware is the equivalent of an operating system of HuskyLens, and it will be updated as programmers update the algorithm. So how do we check the firmware version of our camera? Let's start the first use of HUSKYLENS according to step1 to 4 below!

Step1: Connect the Power

HUSKYLENS comes with an independent USB power supply port. Connect the USB cable and then it will work.


Step2: Select “General Settings”

Dial the “function button” to the left or right till “General Settings” shows on the display.


Step3: Expand the Submenu

Here are submenus under the six functions and general settings, and the detailed parameter settings can be carried out. Long press the “function button” to enter the submenu of the current function; dial the function button to the left or right and press the “function button” to set the relevant parameters.

The picture below is the submenu of "General Settings".


The way to check the firmware: After entering the submenu of the “General Settings”, dial the “function button” to the right till the “Version” shows at the bottom of the display, and then you can check the firmware version.

Switch language: HUSKYLENS supports Chinese and English. Dial the “function button” to the right till “Language” appears at the bottom of the screen. Press the function button to switch and the select language.

Note: Under the submenu, only "Function button" is supported. Dial left and right or short-press the "Function button" to set relevant parameters.

The other parameters in the submenu will be learned in the following project. You only need to know how to open the submenu when using it for the first time.

Step4: Update the Firmware

Click the website to check the latest firmware version:

After opening the web page, click "4. Update Firmware" in the red box as below to complete the firmware update according to the operation steps.


Basic Application

With HUSKYLENS, your project will have many new ways of interaction for you to explore, such as interactive gesture control, self-driving cars, robot eyes, smart tracker and other projects. Come and try!

Interactive Gesture Control

Learn a specific gesture by using the object tracking function of HUSKYLENS, then the sensor can recognize the learned gesture and provide its location data. With this data, creating an amazing interactive project has never been easier.


Self-Driving Cars

HUSKYLENS provides a new way of line tracking. With only selecting the mode of line tracking, you can let HUSKYLENS learn lines, and then it can start line tracking.


Robot Eyes

HuskyLens can be the eyes of robots. which allows your robot to recognize you, understand your hand gesture commands, or help you put stuff in order and so on. With Huskylens, nothing is impossible!


Smart Tracker

Use the object recognition function of HUSKYLENS to track an object. For example, let it track the location of your pet.


Maqueen Mechanic Kit

Product Introduction

The Maqueen Mechanic Kit is a set of machine accessories designed for Maqueen Plus. There are four different shapes we can build with this mechanic kit: mechanical Beetle, Forklift, Loader, and Push.



Before using the Maqueen mechanic kit to build projects, we have to check if we have all the accessories.


From learning about the Maqueen Plus, HUSKYLENS, and the Maqueen Mechanic Kit, do you have any idea about your project?

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