Relay Race | Maqueen Mechanic Getting Started Guide Lesson 6

6-1. Project Introduction

The relay team is composed of Maqueen Mechanic loader and Maqueen Mechanic forklift. The two robot cars are controlled by one GamePad and will cooperate to complete the relay race. Press button A, GamePad controls Maqueen loader; press button B, GamePad controls Maqueen forklift.

Game Rules:

① The relay race is divided into two stages, and you can arrange the starting position according to different tasks in the schedule. Stage 1: A-B (task: transport all three objects from point A to point B), stage 2: B-C (task: transport the three objects from point B to point C and overlap these objects in order of 1, 2, and 3). After completing the tasks of the two stages, it will be considered successful only when the two Maqueen cars have reached point C (point A is the starting point, point B is the relay point, and point C is the endpoint).

② During the game, the players cannot touch Maqueen Car.

③ The one who takes the shortest time to complete all tasks wins


Note: Only when the first car transports all objects to the designated area B, can the second car start.

6-2. Program Link and Screenshot

GamePad Remote Control End – Program Link:


Maqueen Mechanic Loader Receiving End – Program Link:


Maqueen Mechanic Forklift Receiving End – Program Link:


6-3. Effect Display

In this project, we put the loader at point A to finish the first part, and forklift at point B to finish the second part. As shown below:

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