Maqueen Football Cup | Maqueen Mechanic Getting Started Guide Lesson 2

2-1. Project Introduction

In this game, the organizers provide two different remote-control devices, IR and GamePad. The players can only pick one from them to control Maqueen Car.

2-2. Hardware Preparation


Game Rules:

① Select the starting location by drawing lots.

② It is allowed to have “physical” contact and collision, but players cannot touch the Maqueen car.

③ The first to push the football into the opponent's goal wins.


Note: the process of making the playing field will be discussed later.

2-3. Program Links and Screenshot

Mode1: IR Remote Control Maqueen Mechanic-Push

Introduction to IR Remote Control

Before controlling Maqueen car through IR remote control, we have to learn the corresponding decimal value of the buttons. As shown below:


The specific control methods of movements of the bulldozer through IR are shown as below:


IR Control Program Links and Screenshot:


Mode2: GamePad Remote Control

Introduction to GamePad

GamePad is a micro: bit-controlled product designed with a joystick. The joystick uses a high-precision three-axis analog. You can use the joystick through coding and control the direction and speed of Maqueen. And there are up to 7 programmable buttons (A, B, C, D, E, F, Z), you can use these buttons to achieve some interesting function control, or directly use the simplest switch control. Let's learn the GamePad remote control by Pin description diagram below.


The following tells how to use the GamePad joystick to control the movement of a Maqueen car:


GamePad Remote Control End Program Link:


Maqueen Receiving End Program Link:


2-4. Effect Display

In this project, we can use electrical tape to make the competition field. Each car has its own starting position and goal position.

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