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  • Boson Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit Tutorial

    AI is transforming every walk of life. This Boson Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit is intensively designed for primary and secondary school students to learn AI concepts and apply AI tools into actual life in an engageable and playful manner. Based on the graphical programming software Mind+, learners can drag and snap code blocks to make programs or use Python/C/C++ to experience the joy of creating.
    Teachers can avail themselves of our carefully designed content to carry out classroom teaching.
    The AI-oriented course contains 6 high-quality PBL projects, covering four AI technology categories: natural language processing, computer vision, expert system, and machine learning, and further more, the artificial neural network that has had a huge impact on the development of AI in recent years is also involved. It aims to lead students to comprehend the basics of AI and how AI works in daily life.

    Hardware components and software apps